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Online Tyre

online tyre

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Day 55 - Just Tired & Blah

Day 55 - Just Tired & Blah

It's just been a very long day but more so just thinking of everything that needs to just "BE" in life on a daily basis. I had a really good Thrive! meeting tonight but just thinking of portions, calculations, Timing of eating, must have snacks with meals in the right combo's it just gets overwhelming some days.

I'm just TIRED overall, I do focus on all the things I CAN have and do, I LOVE my workouts (Hard to believe- but I do) I keep thinking of the event I am planning for my birthday and where I want to be, I need more combinations in working out. I get in the gym then I don't want to leave, just want to work out longer and harder & that isn't really good either. I leave there and come home and Zumba until my calves literally BURN. I think of how all this came to be and if I will ever see on the scale the number I am looking for. I just want to BREAK this number cycle I have been stuck on since the day I birthed my 18 yr old.

Making sure I have everything I need to have DONE, PAID, set up online, WEB paid, reminders on my work laptop, my cell phone, stickies on my bathroom mirror for ME, then have to remember and set another batch for my son to make sure what he needs to have done, written, submitted, filed, applied for to finally GET to where he desires to be in a couple months on campus.

I AM ABSOLUTELY JUST TIRED and really there is NOTHING I can do about it. I miss my friend both from across the street and the one that has returned to NY last weekend, if they were here they would know just what to do and/or say. More than anything I MISS my lil Airman, I only wonder if parents EVER get over their child being away from home? No matter how much you talk on the phone or IM, I miss his humor at home, rolling around on my bed with his brother- while I am STILL in it :-) & his JOKES..


Very tired girl (30/365)

Very tired girl (30/365)

I just got back from a trip over the weekend, and I need to catch up!

However, I know that I missed a day or two. Last week was so busy, and I was so tired. I really failed at the end of the week. This picture is actually from... Wednesday? Thursday? Something like that. I'm just going to cut my losses and continue with each new picture as the next number. I'll probably finish this like... June 2nd or 3rd of next year now, but oh well. I'd rather not just give up because of one hard week!

This picture is hardly even posed. I wanted to take some photo of me being tired/asleep because of how I felt. I took this one, but was waiting for my flash to recharge to take another, and I just fell asleep right in this position. It was ridiculous!

Anyway, the results of my interview! I went on Wednesday evening to the portrait studio, filled out a paper application (I did one online too, but I'm assuming they need a paper one for their records) and then sat down to talk to the woman who was interviewing me. She was a very sweet woman, and she was also very impressed by my resume. I mean, VERY impressed. She threw the word "phenomenal" around, actually, and wanted me to work in her studio instead of the location closer to my home, haha. I showed her my portfolio too, and she really liked it and complimented me a lot.

I was there for a while filling things out, and by the time I was done there was only one loose end to tie up. That was a background check, which she had to submit, but it could take a few days to go through. Finally, on Saturday she called me to let me know it went through fine and everything. Unfortunately, we've been playing phone tag for the past couple days, but hopefully soon we can figure out when to get me trained!

I'm putting in my two weeks' notice at my other job today. :D

online tyre

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