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Coats tire machine - Tyger wheel and tyre.

Coats Tire Machine

coats tire machine

  • (esp. in manufacturing) Make or operate on with a machine

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143/365 days - I've had better days

143/365 days - I've had better days

Maybe it started with the socks. I slept pretty badly in the hotel room and woke at 10 o'clock. Roommates grumbling about the noise. Showered, put clean socks on I bought the day before - too small. Back on with yesterday's socks. Ok - leave for the airport - forgot my coat. Back for my coat. The ticket machine at the train station doesn't accept notes. Line up. Get ticket. Some confusion at the station as some guy tells someone that the train doesn't go to the airport - people get off then back on. I get to the airport - I have my times mixed up - its 11am and my plane leaves at 1250 - all I have is carry on luggage. So I have some breakfast read the paper jump on the net. The announcement comes that the plane is leaving from a different gate - no problems - but then its 20 mins late. So I nap on the plane (except the guy behind me is really tall so I can't lay the seat back). Land - go get the car - I'm charged for 2 days parking - oh well. Driving out - I'm stopped by a radar patrol doing 62 in a 50 zone. I thought it was a 60 zone - $179 fine pay in a month. The cop says "I hope the rest of your day gets better" Thanks.

New Tire and Rim

New Tire and Rim

SIP Tubeless Rim with 3.5x10 Michelin S1 and 90 degree stem. The
hardest part of the install was installing the stem. The Coats 220
tire machine with No-Mar attachments worked fairly well. Tire lube
made quick work of the job. One tire down, two to go.

coats tire machine

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