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What Size Tires Do I Need For My Car

what size tires do i need for my car

    i need
  • "I Need" is the second single taken from the album Blurring the Edges by rock singer Meredith Brooks. It was released on November 25, 1997.

  • "I Need" was released as a buzz single from American R&B singer's Kandi Burruss' second album B.L.O.G..

  • Kandi Burruss (born May 17, 1976), better known by her stage names Kandi or Kandi Girl is an American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer. She is also a former member of the group Xscape from Atlanta.

    my car

"Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind." 98/365

"Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind." 98/365

I took this using the wind machine in my Daddy's study =D Well, it's a fan, but it's like industrial sized, so I'm calling it a wind machine. && I never like using flash on my camera these days, but my skin & facial grooming is just all so horrible. My eyebrows are so bushy small birds could nest in them. I text that to Hannah while she was eating dinner & she actually started crying with laughter. She was already laughing about her mum almost running over a cat, & Black Adder saying "I wouldn't lick a German if he were glazed in honey." Which is very true by the way.
&& you can see how messed up my hair is at the moment. At the top are my very dark roots, on the left hand side there's blonde, & on the right hand side light brown.

Sunday & Monday: I kept putting off English work because I only needed to know a few quotations from approximately 10 different poems for the exam (A Level students can take their books in!!) so my Mom ended up testing me past midnight until I'd got them. The exam on Monday morning wasn't brilliant. I knew which poems I wanted to use, & I knew all the quotations, but I hated the questions. This'll sound stupid, but it didn't seem challenging enough. Which means it was probably a trick question. I don't remember it exactly, but the question was " 'A great poem puts to words what we already know but have not thought to say.' How far and in what ways have at least two poets you've studied achieved this." I used Larkin's 'Next, Please', and 'Wires', Hardy's 'Night in the Old Home', Plath's 'Balloons', and Duffy's 'Standing Female Nude' but I just repeated myself a lot. I wasn't happy with it. It wasn't my best work. I know it'd be quite good for some people, & so I shouldn't complain too much, but it just wasn't the type of sophisticated writing I know I can do. We went to prefect meeting & organized who was getting a ride with who to the Prefect's Barbecue, && then I had my singing lesson, which was nice. Apparently my voice sounds rested & refreshed. Probably the insane amounts of water I've been drinking for the exams. In the afternoon Hannah & I baked brownies at my house. We then placed Hannah's Easter egg on top of it & it melted all over it. It tasted lovely. In the evening I tidied up all the school books I needed to return now the courses were over, & moved all my papers upstairs into my room. Fun. Oh, & I don't really let any of our cats into my room, except O'Malley, but last night Ben snuck in, so I let him sleep next to me. I then woke up at 2am because he was on the floor sneezing & sneezing & sneezing. Gah.

Today: I really wasn't sure if I was going to school today. I have no exams & no lessons, so it seemed kind of pointless. I think I got to school by 9.45am. I had so many school books to return that my Mom put them into her car & drove me up to St. Oswald's, even though it's like less than a minute's walk. Then Hannah & I flipped through Glamour, before writing out all the different Spanish verb endings we think we'll need for our exam. We went to early lunch, && then back to revising, but I just lay on the floor while Hannah looked at Glamour again. I had to go to choir soon anyway. I felt so tired because of Ben's sneezing waking me up, && because of the toll of exams, so I was soooo annoyed when Alice insisted on having a conversation in the corridor. She speaks so loudly & at such a high pitch that you can barely make out what she's saying. It was very annoying.

Just before I went to choir I passed Alice's room. She came to the door, opened it, & said 'Bitch!' to my back. I just looked at Hannah & Ashley. Seriously. Are you 5? Oh that's immature of me. But I've been thinking about this lately. I know lots of adults who get annoyed at each other, but they act perfectly naturally around each other, because it's childish to ignore each other & say 'Bitch!' to someone's back back. So I haven't done any of those things to Alice, even though she's been ignoring me for over a week, because that's something 13 year olds do, & we really should be past that. I actually agreed with Ashley when she said that it was childish of Alice, & then Hannah got annoyed at Alice too.

Later, when we were talking to Amber, she said I should tell her to stop being so immature & that it's almost the end of school so do we really want to be fight, but I know Alice, & that wouldn't work. She needs to be angry. If I felt I'd done something wrong then I would feel bad. But I haven't. Ah well. I can be childish on here & be immature because I'm not acting on it. Some people said that maybe it's because she's hurt deep down inside. That's bollocks. We didn't fall out (until now), we just grew apart. There's nothing to be hurt about. Last year, if we fell out, then she'd ignore me & I'd ignore

Subaru (Justy?) Concept

Subaru (Justy?) Concept

Hmm, 'Green' seems to be the IN colour. Oh gees! I get it! Everyone wants to be Green!

With this tiny-car concept from Subaru, I can see we are heading from compact hatch back territory.

Actually, I love hatch backs. They are (mostly) sexy and ridiculously practical. Gimmie a 1.4L turbo and all wheel drive and we may be talking 'piss my pants' fun!

No wonder the north American car industry is in the dumper. They know nothing about what people want!

SUV's might be nice for scarring the neighbors, but they do nothing for your SAFETY. That's right, not only do SUV's drink fuel like fish need water, and pollute the air like the mountains just stand there, they are less save then a nice hatch back or family sized wagon.

'Nuff Said...

what size tires do i need for my car

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